Navigators: Public Relations & Communication Strategy for Uncertain Times by Catherine Arrow

Navigators: Public Relations & Communication Strategy for Uncertain Times

In a world turned upside down, how do you develop strategies to navigate uncertain times?
How do you develop strategic relationships that will help you survive and thrive in times of global recession? This course gives you the opportunity to find out how. Explore new approaches and new thinking so you can help your organisations make sense of what's ahead.

Why we need strategy

Strategy transforms. It takes us from where we are now to where we want to go. It sets direction, determines the operating conditions and environment, steers us clear of storms and helps us arrive safely at our destination. This course helps you chart a safe route to success.

About the course

The course is divided into six modules featuring a mix of video, audio and practical sessions for you to explore and covers the following:
  • Strategies for uncertain times - rethinking old rules
  • Where are we now? Starting the process with research and discovery
  • Critical relationships - who is with you on the journey?
  • Identifying issues and risk 
  • The good citizen - are we behaving well?
  • Setting your destination - what are your outcomes?
  • Navigation - how will you get there and what resources do you need?
  • Creative problem solving, courageous strategies, the digital dimension
  • Knowing when you’ve arrived - how to measure and evaluate success